About Maureen McCarthy and Zelle Nelson

Zelle Nelson and Maureen McCarthyMaureen K. McCarthy and Zelle Nelson, associates of Creative Learning Solutions, created the Blueprint of WE concept as they began their dating relationship in 1998. After seeing its impact, they went on to create Documents with family and friends. Eventually, through their international consulting firm, Engaging the Soul @ Work, they made the decision to solely use Blueprint of WE Collaboration Documents with their clients, rather than legal contracts. Their clients, including global corporations, governments, and universities—organizations that often live and die by their contracts—have all been willing to create Blueprint of WE Collaboration Documents as the business contract. And their clients have gone on to create their own Documents because they see the powerful impact it has on their day-to-day business interactions and bottom line. As Stephen Covey, Jr. puts it, it’s about the “speed of trust.”

As international leadership consultants, large group facilitators, senior executive coaches and keynote speakers, Maureen and Zelle are dynamic communicators, pioneering advancements in business and personal relationship tools within corporations and communities across the globe. They are a true living example of effortless relationship at work and at home.