Productive Business Relationships

Now that you know a little about the Blueprint of WE Collaboration Document, here are sample uses for it in your business and some benefits you can expect:

Ways to Use the Blueprint of WE in Business

  • Business partners.
  • Department members.
  • Board of Directors.
  • Leadership and work teams.
  • Virtual or global teams.
  • Manager and employee.
  • New hires.
  • Performance Reviews.
  • Customers
  • Suppliers
  • Introductory business document presented to future/ potential customers.
  • Doctor and patient.
  • Investors.
  • Volunteers in non-profit organization.
  • Schools (between faculty and director, faculty and students, students and director, parents and director, etc.)
  • Buyer and seller.
  • Landlord and tenant.
  • Partners buying property together.
  • Future or potential boss (Create the Document as if you are beginning the dream job you are seeking.)

Business Benefits of Using the Blueprint of WE

  • Impact your productivity, satisfaction, loyalty—move beyond your ordinary interactions to have the conversations that matter.
  • Create highly collaborative work environments.
  • Create new foundations from which to navigate, transition, and change.
  • Increase the speed at which you do business.
  • Bring people back to the center of business relationships; alternative to legal contracts.
  • Create evolving leaders.
  • Impact the bottom line and much more.

Bridge Walkway

“I’ve been in HR for 25 years and the Blueprint of WE blows every other tool out of the water, even the one for which I’ve been the biggest fan. There are so many ways to make use of it, from team building to performance reviews. I can’t wait to share it with everyone I work with.”

HR Director, Fortune 500 Company

“Sheella Mierson helped me write a Blueprint of WE with a new doctor who joined my office. I knew it made sense to do this early in our relationship. Under Sheella’s guidance with our Document, we talked about topics we had not discussed before, contributing to our ease working together. The Blueprint started us out on a stronger footing; that translates into better service for our patients.”

Dr. Deana Burd
Spinal Specialists of Delaware
Christiana, Delaware, USA

“My organisation has explored several avenues as they’ve tried to overcome our silo mentality, but nothing has ever generated the level of knowledge and co-creativity that I’m experiencing after we created our Blueprint of WE. We are definitely operating at a higher level.”

Client Services Manager, Fortune 100 Company (Scotland)

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