Dynamic Personal Relationships

Now that you know a little about the Blueprint of WE Collaboration Document, here are sample uses for it in your personal relationships and some benefits you can expect:

Ways to Use the Blueprint of WE in Personal Relationships

  • Couples
  • Friends
  • Families, including adoptive and foster.
  • Parent and child (minor or adult).
  • Adult siblings.
  • Relationships in transition (ex: divorce, separation).
  • Families and caregivers in a Hospice situation.
  • Roommates and Housemates.
  • Babysitter and parent
  • Family businesses.
  • Support groups.
  • Book clubs.
  • Travel companions.
  • Camp counselor and campers.
  • Neighborhoods or intentional communities.
  • Future or potential partner/spouse (Create the Document as if you are beginning the relationship you are seeking in your life.)

Benefits of Using the Blueprint of WE in Personal Relationships

  • Build a foundation of connection and trust.
  • Provide a structure for conversations that matter–a safe space to say what is most important and meaningful regarding actions, values, and intentions.
  • Invite and support our “best” selves to flourish in the relationship.
  • Create a process and a tool to get through the difficult times.
  • Learn how to support one another on each person’s own terms.
  • Remember who we want to be and become, and how we want to interact.


“It has already profoundly changed our relationship. Our children have actually learned to mediate their own arguments! It really has set me on a different path in every area of my life.” 

Nan H., South Africa

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