Resilient Relationships

Custom Design Your Relationships to Better Fit You!

Picture Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers dancing together. Don’t they make it
look effortless?

Music: Come Fly with Me, Michael Bublé

Would you like to make your relationships that fluid, creative, resilient, and graceful?  Now there is a way to do so. We call it the Blueprint of WE Collaboration Document—also known as the State of Grace Document, a term that conjures up the image of Fred and Ginger dancing.

This is an internationally applied tool currently used within corporations, small businesses, government sectors, non-profits, NGOs, communities, schools, universities, families, couples, etc.

It is a collaboration process used to establish healthier, more trusting relationships in a world that changes in increasingly complex ways, requiring something more reliable than the old ground rules.

You and those involved with you (whether 2 or 2000+ people) personally write it, preferably at the beginning of the relationship. It captures what draws each individual to the situation and each one’s personal preferences and expectations; and it provides a path back to peace if the need arises. It is often used to replace or enhance traditional legal contracts.

The Blueprint of WE has become the new business and personal relationship foundation of choice in over 100 countries.

The 5 Components of a Blueprint of WE

Icon Story of Us Green1. The Story of Us
What draws you to these people and this situation.

Icon Interaction Warning Signs Purple2. Interaction Styles and Warning Signs
The “blueprint of me,” how I work best, what I look like on a good day/bad day, and what I might need that I couldn’t ask for in the moment.

Icon Expectations Red3. Expectations
Core values and non-negotiables; the structure you need to create and sustain this relationship.

Icon Questions to Return Orange4. Questions to Return to Peace
A tool to return to peace if the need arises; makes the difficult times shorter and easier.

Icon Short Long Term Blue5. Short and Long-Term Agreements
How long you’re willing to go before you make peace. An agreement of no outright harm, a willingness to keep an open window if the unimaginable happens.

“Writing this Blueprint of WE together has changed everything! We’ve already had a great discussion on how one person’s fear can trigger a fear in the other person, and it has liberated both of us to be able to communicate more openly and more frequently. I had no idea that those conversations taking place when we’re in a good spot can make all the difference in how we deal with the stress when it arises. Bravo!”

Laura F., London, UK

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