Dynamic Governance: Small Businesses to Large Corporations

Now that you know a little about Dynamic Governance, please watch this video to hear about others’ experiences with the method in business.

 Here are sample uses for it in your business and some benefits you can expect:

Ways to Use Dynamic Governance in Business

  • Team meetings, either in-person or virtual
  • Communication and collaboration among departments/divisions
  • Selection of people for positions/assignments
  • Performance reviews
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Boards of Directors
  • Joint ventures
  • Strategic planning
  • Safety/reduction of errors
  • Focus on triple bottom line: profit, people, and planet
  • Family businesses
  • Communication with clients, investors, suppliers, and any other stakeholders
  • Continuous process improvement
  • ISO quality certification
  • Development of leaders

Benefits of Using Dynamic Governance in Business

  • Align your company’s decisions and actions with its vision and mission.
  • Align efforts of all parts of your company.
  • Structure your organization to elicit everyone’s good ideas and creative problem-solving, from all levels.
  • Increase individual engagement, commitment, accountability, and morale.
  • Reduce staff turnover, sick leave, and stress.
  • Clarify roles, responsibilities, and decision-making processes.
  • Foster resilience in the face of changing market conditions.
  • Speed innovation and adaptation to change.
  • Build cooperative rather than contentious relationships.
  • Strengthen financial viability.
  • Reduce meeting time and produce high quality decisions.
  • Build and support leadership at all levels.

Want to know how Dynamic Governance works? Read an article about Dynamic Governance that includes two case studies. Or purchase a book containing more in-depth information.

Creative Learning Solutions can help you reap the benefits of Dynamic Governance. Contact us for a free consultation. Or ask us to facilitate a meeting for you.

“Dynamic Governance has made a big difference in Creative Urethanes’ ability to withstand the economic downturn. We saw increased profits within the first year of using the method. Over time we have applied it to many areas of the company. As a result we have better communication throughout the company, lower employee turnover, more energy in staff members due to increased involvement, more creative ideas that help us thrive in our industry, and continuous improvement within the organization. Best for me is I have more assistance—having everyone’s help during hard economic times has lifted some weight off my shoulders.

“My advice to organizations planning or implementing Dynamic Governance is to get assistance from a Dynamic Governance Consultant. Doing that improved and speeded up the process for us, rather than leaving us to reinvent the wheel, which can be time consuming and costly.”

Richard Heitfield
President, Creative Urethanes
Winchester, Virginia, USA
Using Dynamic Governance since late 1980s

“Before taking my present position as Executive Director of an Assisted Living facility, I had been CEO of several start-up companies. I built them from very small up to the $5 million mark before selling them. I was clearly successful at running a financially viable business; I was also burning out. I was planning to do something totally different for the rest of my professional life, and then I heard about Dynamic Governance (DG). With DG, I could imagine running a business again, since everyone who works there has a stake in the business and takes responsibility. I agreed to take this position at an Assisted Living facility on the condition that we use DG.

“With DG everyone on the staff is engaged in meeting challenges, rather than all decisions being on the shoulders of one person or even a few people. It’s a change in consciousness of the organization. Every staff member looks out for the good of the whole and becomes a creative problem-solver. My job is to steer the creativity, and that’s exhilarating. The results in terms of healthy outcomes for the residents, their families, the local community, and the staff, and healthy finances for the organization have been astounding.”

Executive Director of an Assisted Living & Residential Care Home
Using Dynamic Governance since 2006

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