Dynamic Governance: Government Agencies, Schools, and Universities

Now that you know a little about Dynamic Governance, please watch this video to hear about others’ experiences with the method in schools:

Here are sample uses for it in government agencies, schools, and universities, and some benefits you can expect:

Ways to Use Dynamic Governance in Government Agencies, Schools, and Universities

  • Team meetings, either in-person or virtual.
  • Communication and collaboration among departments or organizations.
  • Selection of people for positions/assignments.
  • Boards of Directors Strategic planning.
  • Safety/reduction of errors.
  • Performance reviews.
  • Focus on effectiveness.
  • Development of leaders.
  • Continuous process improvement.
  • Parent-teacher-student conferences.
  • Communication with clients, donors, suppliers, and any other stakeholders.

Benefits of Using Dynamic Governance in Government Agencies, Schools, and Universities

  • Align your organization’s decisions and actions with its vision and mission.
  • Align efforts of all parts of your organization.
  • Structure your organization to elicit everyone’s good ideas and creative problem-solving, from all levels.
  • Increase individual engagement, commitment, accountability, and morale.
  • Reduce staff turnover, sick leave, and stress.
  • Clarify roles, responsibilities, and decision-making processes.
  • Foster resilience in the face of changing conditions.
  • Speed innovation and adaptation to change.
  • Strengthen financial viability.
  • Build cooperative rather than contentious relationships.
  • Reduce meeting time and produce high quality decisions.
  • Build leadership.

Want to know how Dynamic Governance works? Read an article about Dynamic Governance that includes two case studies. Or purchase a book containing more in-depth information.

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