Dynamic Governance

What It Is

Dynamic Governance is an approach to decision-making, organizational and corporate governance, and project management that creates more inclusive and effective organizations. It gives everyone in an organization an ear, a voice, and informed influence over policy that affects them, while maintaining the efficiency of vertical hierarchy. You’ll spend less time in meetings and arrive at better decisions. Don’t those sound like paradoxes!

The method addresses decision-making, organizational structure, leadership, and workflow. It has been successfully used for more than 40 years by businesses and groups in the Netherlands, where it was first developed and honed in an electrical engineering company. It is spreading around the world and is currently used by several thousand organizations.

Dynamic governance was designed by an engineer and is based on cybernetics (the science of communications and control) and systems theory. Smoky Mountains WaterfallWhat that means in plain English is that it treats an organization as an integrated system, and builds in feedback loops to check that policies and practices have their desired effects. A key innovation is its structural approach to improving communication and decision-making.

The method works in a wide range of settings including families, volunteer groups, community organizations, non-profits, government agencies, schools and universities, small businesses, and large corporations. It rewires the decision-making process to mine the intelligence and creativity that already exist in the organization. It can fundamentally transform an organization while maintaining continuity of day-to-day operations. In fact, it quickly enhances daily functioning and infuses it with fresh meaning.

“When I was an enlisted man in the Navy, I wondered why the officers didn’t listen to our good ideas. When I became an officer, I wondered why I could never get the enlisted men to tell me what they were thinking. I tell you from experience that Dynamic Governance solves this problem from both ends.”

Richard Heitfield, President, Creative Urethanes
Winchester, Virginia, USA
Using Dynamic Governance since late 1980s

“Dynamic governance is the best approach to organizational design that I have seen in twenty-five years of consulting.”

Ira Chaleff, Founder and President of Executive Coaching & Consulting Associates, named one of the 100 best minds on leadership by Leadership Excellence magazine

“The Assisted Living care industry nationwide has a very high rate of staff turnover. We have nearly zero staff turnover. That adds to the profitability of a business when you don’t have to hire and train new people all the time. It also adds to the continuity of patient care.”

Executive Director of an Assisted Living & Residential Care Home
Using Dynamic Governance since 2006

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