Would you like your organization or your relationships to thrive? We offer workshops in Dynamic Governance and in the Blueprint of We Collaboration Document. The workshops can be customized for your organization, or can be offered as open-enrollment in-person seminars or in some cases teleclasses.

We offer three types of workshops.

  • Full introductory workshops, which are 1½ to 3 days long:

Dynamic Governance: Leading with Elegance and Grace

Learn the basic principles of this method of making decisions and governing a group or organization. Use meeting formats that give everyone an informed voice and that make your meetings more effective, crisp, and fun, resulting in better and faster decisions. Practice selecting people for assignments with a new process that leads to high commitment and performance. Plan a new way to use your organization structure to ensure communication among all levels. Apply feedback loops to ensure that policies and practices have their desired effects. Identify ways to implement Dynamic Governance in your group or organization.

The Blueprint of We Creation and Use Workshop: A Collaboration Tool
Learn how to create and put into practice Blueprint of We Collaboration Documents within your own business and personal relationships, to build trust, creativity, effortlessness, and resilience into the relationships. Workshop participants leave with a completed Document and receive exclusive materials such as sample Documents and exercises to use in their own relationships going forward. A workshop can be for people as individuals, or for an intact group or team to write a group Document.

  • Shorter workshops of two hours to one day, to target specific topics or to get a taste.
  • Advanced workshops for ongoing skill training and application.

Contact us if you would like to bring one of our workshops to your area or organization.