Facilitation for Meetings with Elegance and Grace

We facilitate meetings in-person or by tele-conference. We use simple and effective meeting formats from Dynamic Governance as well as other methods, for meetings that are productive, energizing, crisp, and fun. We can help you make short-range decisions, plan long-range strategy, Bridge Walkwaydeal with emotionally-laden issues, and select leaders for positions or projects—all  in ways that build trust, confidence, and commitment. We work with people at all levels in an organization, and we excel at bringing out creative ideas when people from different levels and/or different areas of expertise are present at the same meeting.

You will leave with satisfying decisions and also with new tools for increased communication and cooperation.

See the pages on Dynamic Governance on this site for applications of the method—some of them will surprise you.

“Sheella, the time our group spent with you was a complete and total pleasure…. You are good. You’re well prepared, you’re knowledgeable, you dared to address the real issues that needed to be addressed, and you were very clear about exactly what you were teaching us. You handled the group beautifully. You developed a good rapport with the group. I liked that almost everything, including the games, were a learning tool – everything that we did was for a purpose. I feel that we really got our money’s worth. You obviously cared about us and put a lot of thought and attention to our group, rather than treating us as yet another group to do your shtick with. As a direct result of our training, we now have two committees that are actively supporting the work we started there. The team has become closer. For example, one member who had previously kept to herself has developed good relationships with other members of the team. We are handling issues more directly with each other, rather than complaining behind people’s backs as we had a tendency to do before the training.”

Helen L. Winslow
General Counsel, The H.D. Lee Company, Inc.
Wilmington, Delaware, USA

“Sheella Mierson facilitated a retreat for our faculty group and she was just the right person! The retreat day was actually fun and the time flew by. We had a backlog of long-term decisions to make and I think we were all surprised by how much we got done. As it became increasingly clear that day that we all cared deeply about our student programs and that we were committed to having them succeed, we built trust. And now we have goals and a plan to accomplish them. But we have more than that — we also learned tools that day to be more effective and to cooperate more closely in reaching our goals. We’ve already accomplished the first major goal that we set, and our continuing meetings are significantly more productive than before the retreat.

Sheella is a skilled facilitator. She kept us moving, focused, and engaged. We each got to contribute our thinking throughout the day and together came up with new ideas — refreshing! I highly recommend her.”

Elizabeth Lieux, Ph.D., R.D., Associate Professor
Department of Health, Nutrition, and Exercise Sciences
University of Delaware
Newark, Delaware, USA