We meet with you to discuss your needs and goals. Then we jointly design either a short-range or a long-range program to help you achieve your vision and goals. Whether for Dynamic Governance or for the Blueprint of We Collaboration Document, we offer a combination of training, coaching, and consulting to ensure that you have the skills to continue successfully without us; at the same time we remain available to assist as needed. For either method, most organizations begin with a short-term project or with one part of the organization to see the difference it makes for them. Long term we help you design processes to directly support your vision, mission, and aims.

Rather than fixing what’s broken, what if you could build solid structures and relationships while things are going well, so that stressful times down the road become little blips on the screen rather than enormous hurdles? For organizations that are already using either Dynamic Governance or the Blueprint of We Collaboration Document, or that are considering both methods, we offer intriguing ways to combine them. As examples: (a) Any group using Dynamic Governance circle meetings to set policy could write a group Blueprint to help the circle relationships and meetings be more fluid and stress-free. (b) A group using a Blueprint of We could use meeting formats from Dynamic Governance to work out agreements that go in their Blueprint.

The possibilities that emerge from combining these two methods are endless, and lead to wonderful synergy.

Contact us to schedule an appointment to discuss your needs and the best place to begin.